Cumberland Patch

May Day for 2 Members of Vigilant Hose Company No. 1 and 1 Member of Cumberland Valley Hose No. 2

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, at 0118 hours, the Vigilant Hose Company, Shippensburg, PA responded on mutual aid into Adams County Box 7-3 (Menallen Township) 1663 Wenksville Road for a building fire. Engine 152 and Tanker 52 responded immediately.

Crews arrived and were assigned to relieve initial crews already engaged in firefighting activities on an approximate 30 x40′ garage/building. The building was built of cinder block with metal roof.

The officer of the engine received a face-to-face verbal report from initial fire attack officer. Crews were in the process of removing roofing materials to allow access to areas of the building on fire. Within a few minutes of receiving report, the area over the bay door collapsed outward and onto firefighters. Two members of the Vigilant Hose Company and one member of Cumberland Valley Hose Company who were outside of the garage were knocked down by debris and a Mayday was called.

The members were quickly removed from the debris by other firefighters. One firefighter was evaluated by EMS and had no injuries. The second firefighter was removed from the immediate area, full protective equipment was
removed. He was evaluated by EMS and transported to a local trauma center for further evaluation and treatment.
The firefighter was awake, alert, and oriented. In addition, the CV Hose Company firefighter was evaluated by EMS
and transported to local trauma center for evaluation.

Clyde Tinner
Fire Chief