Ever Ready... For Tomorrow

Being an “Ever Ready” volunteer firefighter is about building fundamental skills that benefit you in real life.

At the firehouse and in the community, CHCV members have a sense of belonging and feel valued and respected. We welcome families of all backgrounds and prepare them to serve as successful members and leaders, benefiting the Shippensburg community.

Benefits you will receive for your time and commitment include:

  • Free Training
  • Free PPE and Equipment
  • Gear Incentives: Leather Helmet, Flashlight, Radio Strap
  • Live-In Program
  • Lounge, Kitchen, Study Room, Fitness Gym
  • Coffee Club

Other Benefits include:

  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Cancer coverage
  • Local business discounts
  • On-Site Fitness center access
  • Recognition programs
  • Family and team-building events
  • Performance-based incentive program

Backs of 3 members in gear