Co. 53 Dumps House Twice In One Day

At 11:54 Truck 53 was alerted to a Furnace Fire at 275 N. Queen Street, Domestic Castings, in the township box 152-02.  The Power Tower responded immediately with four, followed shortly after by the Trengine.  Air 53 was then requested and responded in.  In the building it was found that 7 tons of molten metal spilled on the ground, igniting a large amount of hydraulic fluid.   Truck Crew completed primary search and evacuation of the factory.  Firefighters Robinson and Mason then found themselves on a primary attack line. The fire was placed under control at 12:14.   Units cleared the scene at 13:23 to respond immediately to a possible house fire off Mud Level Road in South Hampton Cumberland.  Initial reports indicated heavy black smoke pushing from the residence. Truck, Engine and Air 53 responded.  C1-52 arrived on scene and requested all units stage.  Upon investigation the smoke condition was caused by a control burn, all units cleared.


Photos Courtesy of Billy J

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