Monthly Archives: May 2012

Power Tower Goes to the Borough

On May 17th at 13:12 hours, Truck 53 was alerted for a building fire in the Borough of Chambersburg, box 1-01.  The Truck responded to 14 N. Main St. and was ordered to set the stick up to the Charley Delta corner.  A large pile of hay bales was found to be burning on the […]

Building Fire

The Truck house had another long night. Truck and Air 53 were dispatched for the building fire in the Boro of Carlisle, box 45-01, 8 B Street. Units were alerted at 2245. Air 53 was dispatched to stage at company 45’s quarters, and Truck 53 transfered to company 45’s quarters as well. Air 53 was […]